How do you know who to choose as a marriage counsellor or relationship therapist? 

Finding the right marriage counsellor is not always easy. How do you know who’s the best marriage therapist for your particular situation?


t will vary from couple to couple, but the more experience your therapist has in marriage counselling, the better.

What does it mean to be a Couples Coach Psychologist? And where does a coach fit in to the marriage counselling/relationship therapy equation?

There are a number of types of therapists who offer relationship counseling, marriage therapy and individual counselling. Some are counsellors, some are fully-trained psychologists, others have a variety of educational certificates — and some have none. Still others might be life coaches, with varying degrees of actual education in counselling and/or often limited amounts of professional training in providing support for couples in crisis.

By couples in crisis, I mean emergency couples situations that require intensive coaching interventions based on sound psychological principles of human behaviour, to help heal the rift (and pain) before divorce lawyers ruin any chances of the relationship’s survival by fanning the flames of hatred and dismay.

So how do you know what’s going to be best for you, a marriage therapist, couples coach psychologist or individual (personal) counselling?

The good news is this: these things don’t have to be exclusive. A Couples Coach, with a psychology qualification, is a highly trained therapist and counsellor with a special focus on helping couples in crisis, through applying innovative, modern coaching styles as well as having deeper understandings of underlying motives, cultures, emotional interpretations and other pressure-points that impede a relationship’s survival over the longer term — or when something, or someone, goes astray (cheating).

So how do you know what type of therapist you need, or which type is going to be best for your couples-in-crisis situation? Connect with me direct to find out more: Book Your Call With Me

In today’s blog, I’ll help you understand that different therapists take different approaches. I’ll also discuss what makes the combination of Couples Coaching and Psychology so effective for relationships in crisis, including how I help couples who are facing critical upsets, such as discovering their husband or wife had an affair  (or who want to understand why their wife cheated, or who are curious to learn the common reasons I’ve observed in my practice, that seem to lead to men having affairs (traditional relationships, understanding full well that there are a variety of relationships and identities and that there is no hard/fast rule about why people cheat or have affairs; although studies and clinical practice suggests some common threads for why people become unfaithful in their marriages.

What’s a Couples Coach Psychologist — and how does that work in practice?

You may be curious as to what the difference is between myself and a Marriage Counsellor, a Couples’ Therapist, a Relationship Psychotherapist and so on.

Well I am ALL of those.

A Couples Coach Psychologist is a blend of having formal psychology qualifications and training in intensive couples counselling, extensive experience in marriage therapy/relationship counselling, and a life-long dedication to serving as a couples-coach for crisis situations — which is when couples tend to need the MOST intensive forms of assistance to help heal, and repair, their marriage.

The process I use is something I call “Impact Couples Therapy” and involves a variety of sessions — from one-one sessions to accelerator full day sessions to having a breakthrough in the marriage with a combination of assignments, insight-building exercises and ‘back to love’ discussions from a place of compassion, respect, and understanding (not blame, but responsible connection and re-bonding).

Through these processes, I can typically help facilitate a couple’s healing back to their ability to regain, and sustain, a happy, fulfilled, intimate and successful (re-bonded) marriage and/or long term commitment —  as long as both people are willing to put in the effort and time.  (I track my couples for 2 years after couples-crisis-therapy, with the majority reporting they healed their marriages and are truly ‘back to love’.

So as a Couples Coach Psychologist I’m also a marriage counsellor. And a Couple’s Therapist. And a relationship therapist/psychotherapist… Connect with me Book Your Call With Me

On top of those I am a long experienced Psychologist with 27 years working with couples one way or another, and the last 15 years almost exclusively serving couples in crisis.

What does that mean for you?…It means that I utilize multiple behaviour change modalities and coaching methods that adapt to a variety of personalities, and which are effective in a variety of difficult situations (such as infidelity, disability, sexual intimacy differences/sexual problems and more).

As a snapshot, this is what choosing a Couples Coach Psychologist means.

Finding the right marriage counsellor:

  • Find out how many couples have been helped – in my case its more than 3800 couples – to heal from deep hurt, re-connect, and transform their relationship to one that thrives….
  • who provides a no judgement, safe haven where you can unburden yourself from the pain and anguish you and your spouse are suffering….

  • who creates solid foundations by sharing her depth and breadth of knowledge in this complex area of couples in crisis…..

  • who will give you the integrated mix of couples’ transformation strategies based on sound psychological principles of behaviour change, plus mindset shift coaching, and actions specific to you, which will show you exactly how to realign and rewire your relationship and life……

  • who will fully get the depth of your pain, understand your trauma, and provide you with the support, love, and specific guidance you need to experience relationship breakthroughs to catapult you into a new relationship that thrives. Book Your Call With Me


Details are on this page.If you are struggling through a relationship crisis then don’t let the pain and disconnection drag on any more.

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