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***Please note: I am currently at almost max capacity. Hence I am only able to start a new couple after they have had a call with me. I know couples in distress need urgent replies to phone calls and emails. The best way to connect with me is to book a call Here. If you can’t find a good time then email me and I will see what I can do. I am on it whenever I can be. Sorry to be repetitive but the FASTEST way to get help with me is to book a free connect call here. Book Your Call With Me

If you leave me a voicemail or notes on this contact form please indicate the best day & time for me to contact you. Please keep in mind that an online Zoom or Facetime session will probably be available sooner than an in-person session because I can flex more, also often some people like to Zoom/Facetime for the first session to get a feel for how I work and if they can connect with me before they commit to attending in person sessions. Either way is absolutely fine, whatever it takes to get you on the road to rescue and repair FAST.