What does “expert” mean?

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As you probably know, the description “expert” is everywhere online and you are possibly looking for one right now, which is why you are here. I am writing this post to hone in on what makes a therapist an “expert” in the field of Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling. What…

Online Marriage Counselling

online marriage counselling - marriage therapy using internet e.g. face-to-face vs internet therapy
Online Marriage Counselling is not actually new. I have been offering this option to clients for well over 4 years. And many busy couples have chosen to pursue the online relationship counselling option. The Coronavirus, COVID-19, has, however, recently turned online marriage counselling into a new perspective.  Expect to see…

Valentine’s Day Breakups: Why So Many Relationships End

Valentine’s Day Breakups – Why do so many relationships seem to end around Valentine’s Day, and other holidays even including Easter? Holidays often come with expectations. These expectations may relate to gifts, special dinners, travelling or romantic gestures. But often, people end up disappointed by what their partner does around…

Relationship Blindspots: What You Cannot See That’s Ruining Your Marriage

Many relationship difficulties arise from what’s called ‘Relationship blindspots.’ These blind-spots can destroy your marriage. If you’ve ever heard the catch phrase, “you don’t KNOW what you DON’T know” — this is what is meant by a relationship blindspot. Blind-spots are very damaging to relationships and can destroy your peace…

Will she cheat again? Will he cheat again?

Relationship therapy after catching someone cheating…can therapy work after infidelity destroys your trust? Once a cheater, always a cheater? as the saying goes?  Is that really true? My clients, like a lot of people in long term relationships, find themselves needing to cope and heal from their husband’s or wife’s…