Dee Tozer

A Couple In Crisis
Urgently Needs
Expert Accelerated Relationship Repair
…not standard therapy

Today’s Executive Couple

Is under so much scrutiny

Many find the day-to-day pressures of being a high performer both exhilarating and exhausting. It’s not just the one executive in the relationship that’s under pressure. Both are under the societal microscope because of position, power, and education and often both can feel misunderstood, unappreciated and in some cases, lonely.

And The Pressure Gives Way

The fighting happens all the time

And over the most minute details the relationship begins to breakdown, eyes can stray, and what was once an emotionally safe haven with your spouse has now turned into a relationship full of resentful, cold shoulders, and often complete detachment from each other.

Then The Unthinkable Happens

A Betrayal Happens

The first few weeks after a devastating shock can tip you into thinking you don’t want your marriage anymore. All those years, all that time, all that energy, and love… feels like it was a waste and you’d just as soon be rid of the other person who betrayed you (or whom you betrayed). This is make it or break it time for your marriage.

About Dee


Years Experience

The Founder Of THE 90 Day Infidelity Program
… for High Achieving Couples

With 30 years of experience in marriage counseling, Dee Tozer is considered the renowned expert when it comes to couples in crisis because of infidelity.

She works specifically with high performers, executives, and celebrities, with her soothing, yet direct methodologies that will help a couple heal from betrayal and infidelity (whether one spouse was unfaithful or both).

Before heading straight to the lawyer’s office, take time to meet with Dee, to determine if healing and repair can take place.

Your relationship deserves the love and care of repair and the healing in the best and gentlest way possible.

2000 couples and a 90% success rate, Dee has a unique methodology that she applies to move couples out of crisis and back to a better and stronger relationship than they had prior to the betrayal. You can wipe out the pain and anguish, you can turn your marriage around and without the drama or embarrassment of a public divorce, with her exclusive and unique marriage repair mastery process.