YESSS… I am back to F2F in-person sessions, and ONLINE counselling is here to stay also – I’ve been doing it for 4 years and I can assure you that it works just as well as in person F2F. With the past 8 months of Melbourne serious lockdowns getting better at online sessions has been my mantra. Whether it’s in-person or online you will be amazed how much easier it is to transform your marriage than you think. Online or F2F you can turn your marriage around with expert help. You need the right help at the right time. If you are in crisis, even on the brink of break up, then click on the short video above to hear what I can do for you in just a few weeks. Yes, you can wipe out the pain and anguish, you can turn your marriage around with my exclusive & unique marriage repair program. 
3 Secrets to Survive Your Marriage Crisis
The first few weeks after a devastating shock can tip you into thinking you don’t want your marriage anymore. This free video shows you the 3 Secrets to Survive Your Marriage Crisis and keep your marriage in the best place for optimal repair and recovery from your crisis. The 3 Secrets will show you how to stabilize so you can make the best decision – whether to divorce or repair. You will discover how you can settle into repairing your broken marriage and learn what you can do right now towards healing even though you are hurting so badly. It’s FREE so grab it now.
Do you know there are actually EIGHT Powerful Forces Which Make Or Break Relationships – knowing these 8 critical components which drive the repetitive destructive interactions which in turn “make” or “break” relationships are critical to getting you through this scary patch. Once you know them you can reverse these forces to positive forces for good and turn your marriage around by replacing those repetitive hurtful “threatened break-up” interactions with embracing the warm togetherness which “makes” a thriving marriage. The fastest and best help is right HERE
How do you know if a therapist is adequately skilled to work effectively with:
  • your specific crisis situation
  • your unique high nett worth status
  • your high profile social status
  • your strong aspirational nature
Some more topics here:
Why do people cheat? What do men want? What do women want?

With expert counseling and coaching: You can stop FIGHTING You can BE connected LOVERS AGAIN! BE best friends AGAIN … BE happy AGAIN! My starting point is to create a safe, neutral and peaceful place for you and your partner to express your concerns in a non-threatening, non-judgemental, warm and friendly setting, you can relax and tell me all about what’s going on for you and your partner. Every couple is unique and your guidance, education, and coaching will be tailored to your specific challenges and circumstances.

Marriage Counselling Couples Coaching
With Couples Psychologist Marriage Repair Specialist & Master Coach – Dee Tozer

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