Men can find it difficult to seek support for difficulties in their marriages or relationships.

Yet it is professional coaching that can help a man save his relationship or change the dynamic to a more loving, restorative experience rather than one of coldness, criticism, conflict or constant bickering.

The main things men tell me are:

Men’s common complaints about their wives or partners, and what can lead to marital dissatisfaction, distance and/or infidelity or cheating.

  • She is so bossy and it always has to be her way.
  • She makes me feel like an idiot.
  • We just can’t agree on anything, even on what to watch on TV.
  • I never get any time to myself, there is always so much waiting for me to do.
  • She manages all our money and I never see anything for all my efforts.
  • She is always on my back about something…it seems like she never lets up.
  • Then when I do the things she wants it’s never good enough.
  • She always has the right words to say and so many of them – I can’t compete so I just walk away.
  • I feel dumb and hopeless.
  • Sometimes I just want a cuddle in bed but she is not interested even in just a cuddle.
  • She turns her back on me in bed.
  • She used to be so sexy and cuddly and nowadays I am lucky to get a peck on the cheek ……occasionally.
  • I give up…I don’t know what to do next…we have no connection anymore.

But relationship coaching (Couples Master Coaching) can help a couple restore their loving bond, and avert a breakup, separation or divorce.

Read more about men’s relationship concerns and how to tell if you’re on the verge of a relationship breakup or divorce.

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I hope you found this article about men’s marital complaints interesting and helpful.

I look forward to guiding the repair of your relationship with a confidential coaching program or intensive marital counseling.

How to Get Your Wife Back

This is How to Get Your Wife Back
Problems in a relationship don’t happen overnight; you become more and more distant from your partner with each fight. So if it feels as though you’re on two different planets, I can give you healing and coping mechanisms on how to get your wife back.

What You Can Expect From Me Regarding Last Resort Couples Counselling
Would you trust someone with your relationship who does all kinds of therapy, or would you instead place your life in the hands of a couples’ master coach who focuses just on couples and has done so for the last 12 years? See what tools I can give you two before you even sign up for a workshop.

  • The first thing you need to do when your relationship is in trouble is to identify the signs. You can download my exclusive content that will show you eight powerful forces that can kill your marriage. Recognizing toxic fighting patterns can turn your relationship around.
  • My Three Secrets to Survive Your Marriage Crisis will help you gain a new perspective on your marriage and put you in the best place to analyze and repair so that you can make decisions not from a place of hurt but a practical, clear mind.
  • I want to help you as far as I can, which is why I have a few blogs that deal with current issues that might help you manage your relationship better.

Like you would train your body and mind to stay fit, you need to give your relationship the attention and training it needs to survive life’s challenges.

The Importance of Asking Is Marriage Counselling Worth It?

You might be sceptical about couples’ counselling due to the stigma around it and the fact that many couples still divorce despite getting help. If you want to know how to get your marriage back on track, then any assistance or effort you put into it will be worth it when you have fallen back in love with your partner. I have different approaches to couples’ counselling, depending on what you might be struggling with in your marriage:

  • My five secrets of getting back to love involve techniques for dealing with conflict in your relationship. Let me show you how to alter your behaviour, stay calm, and maintain peace and harmony during a disagreement.
  • My Relationships that Thrive workshop is perfect as a maintenance course if you want to improve your relationship and prevent bad behaviour from reoccurring and how to shift your relationship ways and get out of the rut.
  • During my Relationship Mastery course, I will teach you my DT Diamond method that will give you clarity on what you each can do in the relationship to turn it around and to see the bigger picture by simply making one shift.

Being in a relationship requires constant work, and if you stop pouring love in, it leaves space for resentment, miscommunication and toxic arguments. An outside perspective and practical advice can turn your marriage around and back to love.

Dee Tozer, Couples Master Coach

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