This popular Relationship Mastery Workshop is a 5 hour immersion over which time I take you both through The DT Diamond Method which is my unique entire ONE step D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.C.E. where you will each get total clarity on what you personally can do, exactly how to BE the VIBE that effortlessly draws your partner closer to you, and changes the quality of your life together by grasping ONE simple shift.

As a Couples Psychologist with 30 years of professional experience and extensive training with the world’s experts I draw together the brain’s wiring requirements for strong, deep lasting love and teach you how you can keep the brain’s wiring firing the right way.

As a certified Master Life Coach I ensure we keep perspective on the quality of your ‘whole of life’ together, your children, your family, friends, business, careers and aspirations.

Yes, all in just FIVE hours. Five focussed hours.

Price includes one initial individual session each plus lifetime access to my 3 online signature courses.

Fast Relationship Rescue     retail price – $2997

Relationships That Thrive   retail price – $197

Get Back To Love                retail price – $127

Price: $4950