Why 60 days when I have both 30 days and 90 day programs?
Well, I liken it to the story of The Three Bears – for many it comes down to finances and 30 days may be do-able but not adequate for the healing required, whereas 90 days seems out of range however 60 days is just right.

60 days expands on what we can cover in 30 days with double the number of hours and calls, 32 hours in total.

If you are on the brink of divorce and thinking about making divorce lawyer retainer down payments then this is the minimum program for you.

If you are saying “this is intolerable”, “I can’t do this anymore”, “I just need to get out of here”, or “you need to go”, then this 60 days program may be just right TO GET CLARITY or the 90 day program is the best fit.

To find out exactly what will be best for you then do a 45 minute free strategy session with me, either by phone, or online via Zoom, Google Meet or Facetime.

I promise you there is no ‘sell’ in that call. I will only focus on what is the best and fastest way forward for you. You can book that call here Book Your Strategy Session

If you are uncertain, I fully understand as so much is resting on this and many other important decisions. So take a look at my Couples Highlights here and find out about my guarantee if you do a call and don’t think it was helpful.
Here is the link to Couples Highlights

P.S. If you are in severe crisis with a complex situation then the 90 day program will be best. Do your call with me and I will help you make the right decision, with no pressure. If you decide not to proceed there’s no hard feelings. It’s extremely important we are the right fit for each other.

What You’ll Get:
* 8 1.5 to 2.5 hour in-depth sessions
* Initial 1 hour individual session each partner
* 16 x 30 minute focussed support calls, which is 2 each per week over 8 weeks
(these are available only during the 60 day program and do not accumulate or carry over week to week or after program completion)
* 2 x 1 hour alignment sessions post completion of program
* Fast Relationship Rescue Course – $997 value
* Relationships That Thrive Bundle – $297 value
* Get back To Love 5 video program – $ 197 value

YOUR INVESTMENT: $14,000 aud