Why only 30 days when I have a 60 day and a 90 day program as well?

30 days is THE fundamental guidance for couples to get their loving energy re-connected and kickstart the uptake of new ways of interacting to restore harmony and joy fast.

30 days gives you 14 hours of a mix of sessions and laser focussed support calls.
Typically there are 4 sessions, 1 per week, of between 1 and 2.5 hours each, plus one x 30 minute support call per partner each week for 4 weeks.

My emphasis is always on FAST RESCUE and REPAIR because by the time couples seek help they have typically been in trouble for a long time and have minimal, if any, tolerance left to endure lengthy therapy before they experience relief from heartache, relief from their negative painful repetitive patterns.

Standard therapy is usually 60 minutes week to week initially, then stretched to fortnight to fortnight, followed by further long stretches month to month for months, sometimes years.
Over 30 years I have learnt that this is definitely NOT the answer. Couples need relief fast and this relief must bring about change with simple-to-learn and easy-to-apply techniques.

Hence this 30 days program delivers precisely that relief. It starts you on the new revitalized path however it is not sufficient to set you up with sustainable change. It will get you going so you see clearly if the transformation and healing journey is for you…or if it really is over.

If you are in crisis due to betrayal, severe nastiness or total switch out then my 60 day or 90 day program may be more effective for you.

To find out which program will be most effective for you I offer a free 45 minute strategy session by phone, or online such as Zoom, FaceTime or Google Meet.
You can book that here Book Your Strategy Session

If you are still uncertain then take a look at Highlights from other couples here Couples Highlights

You will see my guarantee – if you feel your strategy session is not helpful then just email me after your call and I will GIFT you access to my flagship course – Fast Relationship Rescue. Yes free…you can check that out here and see it usually sells for $997.

Your strategy call will help you clarify what you need and want because sometimes a relationship crisis can be overwhelming and confusing. In just 45 minutes I help you sort through that whether only one of you is on the session or both of you.

If you are reading to this point then it’s highly likely your relationship is in real trouble and you don’t know where to turn. So make the call….there’s nothing to lose but 45 minutes and everything to gain.

What You’ll Get:
* 4 x 1.5 – 2.5 hour in-depth sessions
* Initial 1 hour individual session each partner
* 8 x 30 minute focussed support calls, which is 2 each per week over 4 weeks
(these are available only during the 30 day program and do not accumulate or carry over week to week or after program completion)
* 1 x 1 hour alignment sessions post completion of program
* Fast Relationship Rescue Course – $997 value
* Relationships That Thrive Bundle – $297 value
* Get back To Love 5 video program – $ 197 value

THE INVESTMENT: $8,500 aud