If you have found this page then you are most likely suffering emotionally and in pain. Here’s how I can help –
    • 60 – 90 Day Premium Relationship Revitalization Program

    • 90 Day Couples In Crisis Relationship Rescue Program

    • Accelerator Intensive Coaching Workshops – 3-5 hours across between 1 and 3 days are required for optimal healing and mastery

    • Face to Face counselling sessions – individual and joint 30 to 50 minute sessions – in person in Melbourne, by Facetime or Zoom.

      The main FOCUS of all sessions is:

      Living deliberately in your relationship – with the INTENTION to Do No Harm – I am referring to emotional harm to your partner, your relationship and your family.

We learn what difference it would make if we intended to do no harm to either our partner or our relationship. Hence understanding and being mindful of Cause and Effect is crucially important because it is fundamental to strengthening the foundation for your way forward as a couple in harmony. Keeping our focus on the outcome….which is your long term love and life together…. this is the MAIN GAME. You learn ALL the “How to’s” of creating a Relationship That Thrives.

How Does FAST RESCUE Work?


Typically it takes around 90 days to set each couple on the right track with learnings and understandings which open them up to re-connecting, then show them how to strengthen their connection, heal their hurt, and build a strong foundation for an emotionally safe, harmonious future together. Why 90 days? Beacuse that’s how we humans are wired for effective sustainable change.

These sessions generally take the following format however they are restructured to adapt to the specific circumstances of each individual and couple.

Do we come together?

Sessions are typically joint to address your understandings of your interactions and where you discover how to intereact in new and transformative ways with  each other. However some are solo where we can go in depth into personal issues you may need to resolve which are affecting your relationship reactivity or other dysfunctional patterns.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well the 90 day premium program is the most effective. I offer a no charge 45 minute initial discovery session to help you work out what is best for you and if we are a good fit. Here is the link to see the highlights of this: 90 DAY HIGHLIGHTS This program is jam packed full of 2.5, 1.5 and 1 hour sessions as required, support calls, texts and emails plus a combination of individual and joint sessions.Your investment starts at $8,500 aud paid in full in advance. Single 50 minute sessions are $450 and Accerleator workshops start at $2400. Book a free call with me HERE to see if we are a good fit and what is the best way forward together.

Below is an overview of how the sessions flow:

Introductory Session: Often this is a double session to enable us to cover as much as possible. We look at the way each partner is handling his or her emotions such as rousing to anger, going quiet, the nature of the conflict and the repetitive issues which trigger emotionally charged reactions – for example family of origin patterns repeating themselves, money, parenting or intimacy. We look at whether one partner is controlling with a dominance pattern so silencing the other partner and we explore attachment and avoidance patterns.

Ongoing sessions flow from what is identified in the first session. We look closely at the No.1 Killer Silent of Relationships – Resentment, and how to wipe it out and start with a clean slate.

Then to the No.2 Killer of Relationships which is Self – Justifying and is NOT silent. This equips you with new and better ways of responding to criticism or ridicule, leading on to establishing harmonious relating patterns which minimize or prevent damaging criticism and ridicule from occurring between you.

Personality traits – how they impact interactions and what to do to lessen this impact is an extremely important aspect covered.

Disappointments – Assumptions and Expectations – we re-frame argumentative positioning statements meaning “you’re wrong and I’m right” – even if these words are not directly spoken – and we sort out what you can do or say instead.

Criticism and Ridicule – these two form the basis of a great deal of unkindness and unhappiness in relationships. I show you how to eliminate these from your interactions and replace them with goodwill and warmth to reach better outcomes.

Defensiveness – say good bye to this destructive behaviour and learn what you can do instead

Stonewalling – silent treatment – often defensive – without realizing it this can be passive aggressive and controlling. We delve into more comfortable ways of functioning where your heart connection is not damaged.

The Blame Game – if it’s present at all, and if this is the source of most of the distress – then BE encouraged because this is the easiest part to repair.

Yippee! There is something easy about this process and YES, some of this repair job is FUN!

Cause and Effect – this is where the real repair happens. Understanding what happens to first cause something which then has an effect on each other’s emotions or well-being is the new foundation on which to build your healthy happy relationship. Each and everything we do or say – or don’t do or don’t say – causes an effect. In this context we look at human beings and other animal species to get a good understanding of how cause and effect is at work everywhere in our lives, and indeed in the lives of every living thing, and even non-living inanimate objects as well. Our planet and universe is all based on Cause and Effect.

Tone – Sometimes human hurt and anguish is the effect caused by harsh words and/or the way words are said – the TONE of voice. There may be no intention to cause harm however harm occurs. Sometimes it is the words which are selected and sometimes it is not the choice of words but how they are spoken. So this session revolves around learning to carefully choose words and sentences which are not damaging, which have no intention to harm, no matter how upset one or other partner feels.

Dominance and Control. It is commonly reported by one or both partners that they feel the main issues between them is that one or other – OR BOTH – is a “control freak and is always trying to dominate everything. Everything has to be [his/her] way”. Sound familiar? Then you will love working through this program as it clearly shows you what is really going on and how to prevent the tit-for-tat dominance game and still be heard and your opinion respected.

The natural accompaniment to the focus on Dominance is to look at Emotional Regulation which means to moderate your emotions during a discussion of a contentious nature. It is often a welcome relief when couples learn to regulate their emotional reactions in emotionally charged situations. They learn how to slow down their thoughts and words, be more flexible in paying attention to what their partner is saying or needing and replace harshness with calm, harmonious responses. Hence I strongly focus on gaining a sound understanding of this critical factor in any relationship interactions.


“Life will never be the same again”!

~ Anthony Robbins – world speaker & peak performance strategist.