I recently interviewed Psychologist Dee Tozer about her marriage counselling to elite couples, from television stars to CEOs of major corporations to household-name families across the world. 

Secret Couples Therapy Business – Under the Radar  

Why the one you really need. is the one so hard to find…

When infidelity has rocked your world as a CEO, sports elite or socialite, who do you go to for help? A divorce lawyer…or do you try to work it out?

When you’re a high-profile couple, whose marriage is on the brink of a divorce…

When one or both of you have cheated…

When the every-day niggles have turned into drawn out fights, stonewalling, or worse…

When raising children, major business demands or house moving needs has you both feeling more like roommates than lovers…

When intimacy between you has all but disappeared…

And when infidelity comes to call…

When one or both people making up the “couple” are threatening to call it quits or has even temporarily moved out of the house in distress or for ‘chill / reflection time’

The person you need most, right at the moment, is the person so hard to find.

Why the best marriage counsellors for high-profile couples and large corporate CEOs are the most difficult to find…..

Because no-one talks about them.

That’s because when you’re Australia’s ‘go to’ therapist for anyone in the limelight and one of the world’s most experienced relationship counsellors, you need to stay below the radar.

You need to stay below the radar — in no small part — because what you do VERY WELL…well…it can’t really be spoken about for a multitude of reasons. 

When you’re a top marriage counsellor for billionaires and other well-known personalities, your clients are significant personalities in the community, 

The last thing they (or you) want is for everyone to know they’re seeing you.

So where Google ratings are a necessity for any other business — (or short-term sessions) – serious marriage counselling between a stand-out couple must stay well below the radar. 

Marriage breaking points: let the healing begin

Not too many top personalities are keen to write glowingly on the internet, for the world to see, about how a seasoned marriage therapist to the wealthy helped resolve a major infidelity issue. 

They don’t want to admit that they couldn’t work it out on their own (but the high divorce rates, sadly, mean that most couples will spend millions of dollars on a divorce, rather than seek help; or rather, aren’t getting the help they need to save their marriages from a hostile, painful ending.

Not too many high-profile couples want the world to know about how their wife cheated on them with the local dentist, or when she found out her husband slept with his favourite cycling “pal” or kick-boxing instructor —  or other serious marital conflict and potential ‘breaking point’. 

A counsellor to rave about to your closest friends; but, wait – no, you may feel you can’t.

The one professional couples rave about, to each other only, is the one you need to find for healing a marriage on the brink of a divorce (But the sooner you start healing the marriage, the quicker the healing period will be).

But it’s someone who flies, at least for that type of client, under the radar.

They need to.

Because few people in high profile positions want to tell the world about their issues; especially with the media threatening to chase them and expose their difficulties at every stretch.

So the best marriage counsellors are hard to find…but worth chasing up.

And that means one with years of experience, and extensive experience saving marriages that would have cost billions in lawyer fees and settlement splits if they hadn’t been healed.

Marriages that would have otherwise made front-page news.

Divorces that would otherwise have destroyed the family home, disrupted the children’s schooling, and driven a rift in the social circle.

The right help at the right time in the right way.