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Divorce vs Therapy

There is a saying that “even a good divorce is a bad divorce” and what a surprise this was, to be interviewed by A CURRENT AFFAIR at Nine alongside Sandra Davis, one of Britain’s most high-profile divorce lawyers!

In our full-length interview, even Sandra admitted how devastating a bad divorce can be, confirming that a good divorce is typically a bad divorce, and my question is… why NOT give an expert Couples Master Coach a go? What do you have to lose?!

I’ve had a 94% success rate healing over 5,000 marriages in the past 30 years, and I’d love to help you too.

When Sex Stops

In this ABC radio talkback segment, I explore with Libbi Gore the critical couple’s question of “What Happens When Couples Don’t Have Sex For Two Years Or More?” I have a simple and straightforward answer: “They fall apart”. It doesn’t have to be crazy erotic sex all the time, regular “good enough” comfort sex maintains closeness and is the glue in holding a relationship together through the ups and downs of life. There’s always room to add some fun playful and sensual sex to the mix with a splash of eroticism as well. When there is no sex the relationship is starved of deep connection and it gradually dies often a slow painful death.