Men can find it difficult to seek support for difficulties in their marriages or relationships.

Yet it is professional coaching that can help a man save his relationship or change the dynamic to a more loving, restorative experience rather than one of coldness, criticism, conflict or constant bickering.

The main things men tell me are:


Men’s common complaints about their wives or partners, and what can lead to marital dissatisfaction, distance and/or infidelity or cheating.

  • Whatever I do it’s not good enough, not perfect enough
  • It always she is right and I am wrong.
  • She is so bossy and it always has to be her way.
  • She makes me feel like an idiot.
  • We just can’t agree on anything, even on what to watch on TV.
  • I never get any time to myself, there is always so much waiting for me to do.
  • She manages all our money and I never see anything for all my efforts.
  • She is always on my back about something…it seems like she never lets up.
  • Then when I do the things she wants it’s never good enough.
  • She always has the right words to say and so many of them – I can’t compete so I just walk away.
  • I feel dumb and hopeless.
  • Sometimes I just want a cuddle in bed but she is not interested even in just a cuddle.
  • She turns her back on me in bed.
  • She used to be so sexy and cuddly and nowadays I am lucky to get a peck on the cheek ……occasionally.
  • I give up…I don’t know what to do next…we have no connection anymore.

But relationship coaching (Couples Master Coaching) can help a couple restore their loving bond, and avert a breakup, separation or divorce.


Read more about men’s relationship concerns and how to tell if you’re on the verge of a relationship breakup or divorce.

Or book a free call to discuss how coaching can assist you with counselling for men having marital difficulties or relationship challenges.


I hope you found this article about men’s marital complaints interesting and helpful.

I look forward to guiding the repair of your relationship with a confidential coaching program or intensive marital counselling.

Dee Tozer, Couples Master Coach

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