The main things women tell me are:

 I am so afraid of losing him.

  • I work full time too and also have 2 kids. I do all their running around for activities and sport, I do all the shopping and house cleaning and I am exhausted….why can’t he see that?

  • I am worn out from doing everything and all he wants is sex….sometimes I just want a cuddle.

  • I know I go on at him but he is so stubborn and just won’t budge on anything.

  • He rolls his eyes and walks away every time I want to talk about US.

  • He shows me no affection and treats me like I owe him.

  • Every time he asks me when dinner will be ready or have I washed his shirts I feel like saying “..and what did your last slave die of…?”

  • I budget really carefully and then he goes and spends huge dollars on his car without even running it by me.

  • We are on different planets, we don’t like the same movies, I don’t like watching TV and he is glued to the TV every night for hours.

  • He can’t stand me talking to a friend on the phone. He picks fights with the kids when I am on the phone, even if it’s for only a few minutes. It’s like I have 3 children (we have two actually).

  • He doesn’t like my family and won’t come to family get togethers.

  • I feel really hurt when he forgets key dates such as my birthday.

  • Why wouldn’t he make an effort on my birthday?

  • He just doesn’t care about me.

  • I feel no emotional connection to him anymore…yet I know I love him!


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