Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I feel like I’m drowning in sorrow and I’m pushing my partner further away, will this program lift me out of that deep sadness? 

A: Be reassured this is one of the major benefits of my intensive care of you with 5 days a week availability for support calls plus both individual and joint sessions.  


Q: Will I ever know if my partner has told me the truth about what happened?

A: The most important truths are brought out as we process your situation. Some things are best left in the past as we move on to your new future together. 


Q: If my partner has done this once is it highly likely they will cheat again? 

A: In my experience with over 2,000 couples it has not occurred again. Serial cheaters don’t come into my program because they don’t want help with their relationship and won’t commit to help. So if your partner is willing to commit to this guidance then the likelihood of a repeat occurrence is negligible. Further to this is that the program brings you together and guides you to rebuild your relationship in such a way that your renewed loving togetherness ensures no likelihood of seeking out comfort elsewhere. 


Q: Can we get to a trusting place again? 

A: This is an absolute yes. Once we get to the root cause of what happened and unpack the reasons and build in full transparency and reliability then trust returns. 


Q: Is it really possible to get there in 90 days? 

A: This Accelerated Repair process stabilizes and settles emotions. It brings a sharpened focus on creating a new road map which is easy to follow and creates new habits. 90 days is the optimal time frame. 


Q: I didn’t think anything was wrong between us, I was blindly humming along thinking we were doing great together so why did my partner do this? 

A: We can miss signs of disconnect and feeling unappreciated creeping in. The reason often boils down to an empty emotional void growing which can happen when life gets very busy, careers demands leave no time for each other and we lose focus on nurturing our love for each other. 


 Q: We are international so will this work by Zoom virtual sessions?

A: I work with couples in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, plus from all over Australia and New Zealand.