4 Book Set

Would you like some FAST EASY short reads to show you how you can get your relationship back in the WARM AFFECTIONATE zone even if you are the only one ready to fix things at this stage?

Here are FOUR very special ebooks which will help you understand how to work together to repair or rescue your relationship….and for an insanely low price of just $17.


Book 1


“How Can We Stop Fighting” is all about stopping nasty accusations and hostility. Couples in thriving affectionate relationships do fight – however, they fight in constructive ways which won’t harm their relationship. This book shows you the difference


Book 2


“I Don’t Want To Break Up for Women” and there is a similar one for Men. Each book shows you the way out of break up mode and back into creating warmth again.


Book 3


“I Don’t Want To Break Up – for Men” and there is a similar one for Women. Each book shows you the way out of break up mode and back into creating warmth again.


Book 4


“Turning Us Around” shows you how to start the process of affectionately connecting with warmth, how to restore positivity and start to like your partner, then rekindle the love between you again.

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After over 25 years of counselling couples, the most common things I hear every day are:

“We are always fighting.”

“Everything little thing leads to a fight.”

“We fight over silly things.”

“We say terrible things to each other.”

How Can We Stop Fighting


It’s normal for couples to fight – isn’t it?

When is a fight just a disagreement or a mild argument and when does it become a destructive, hurtful fight?

Should We Stop the Fight Before it Starts?

Introduction: Most Couples Fight – and have disagreements.

  • Chapter 1: Feeling Safe by Testing
  • Chapter 2: Feeling Certainty
  • Chapter 3: The Million Dollar Question – Why fight at all?
  • Chapter 4: When is an argument a fight?

I Don’t Want To Break Up – for Women and for Men

There are gender differences in how we behave, react, or respond in our love relationships. Hence I have written two books on the same theme – fear breaking up and of losing your partner.

One book is addressing male readers and a companion book addresses the other one, female readers.Read about my four step process to discover that it is the smallest wrongs that have caused the greatest angst for each of you. Learn how you can fix things following small daily examples.

Turning Us Around


How would it feel if you could step back from the battlefront and take a fresh look at what’s important? Then how would it feel to be able to do the seemingly impossible and remain mindful of why you are together and what your common life goals are together?

Yes, you can turn yourselves around to see the best in each other and be the best partners you can be. That is what this mini-book is all about.

This mini-book will help you both to. We will be able to re-focus you both on:

  • Why you got together in the first place
  • What life pressures have come into your world and thrown you off track
  • Recognizing each other’s unmet needs
  • Recognizing your self-protection mechanisms and how they could be a big part of what is causing the hostility towards each other

About the author

I’ve been a Couples and Relationship Psychologist for over 20 years helping more than 3,500 of couples work through their differences towards create a loving lasting togetherness.

Over these 20 years many, many of the people who came to see me for help with anxiety or depression, were actually caught up in conflict with their mate and it became clear that if I could help couples build a safe and sound emotional life together then anxiety and depression were significantly decreased and often disappeared.

Hence over many many years my role as a couples counsellor and coach has evolved to provide couples with the learnings, understandings and skills which teach them:

  • How to soothe each other and keep loving feelings alive.
  • How to recognize the cry for reassurance from their spouse.
  • How to break the resentment cycle.
  • How to remove the threat of break up and loss of family and loved ones.
  • How to dissolve the pain of feeling unloved or unloveable.
  • How to express concerns and talk to each other without destructive ridicule & on-going criticism and conflict.

Get this very special 4 ebooks bundle and understand how to work together to repair or rescue your relationship