1. 30 CPD point – 5 day Getaways in Vietnam or Bali – a whole year’s points over 6 days – Getaway Program
  2. Single Day workshops in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth – 7 CPD points

Hello colleague – all couples therapy is challenging and even if it’s not your main practice clientele, unhappy couples often become part of your work with other dysfunctional family consequences affecting children, siblings, and other family issues which bring them to counselling. As Couples therapists we often face a daunting challenge in that the couples of today bring us new and complex issues where many clinical approaches simply are ineffective and outdated.

In fact that’s exactly what drew me into doing mainly Couples work. In my early years of private practice as a Generalist Psychologist working with anxious, depressed and stressed clients, an unhappy relationship was frequently behind much of the presenting symptomology. I found a substantial amount of my client’s pain was resolved when I addressed the pain points in their relationship and I helped them with their relationship struggles. In turn this led to my practice being mainly focussed on Couples work for many years now and I have studied deeply and broadly to develop the confident expertise required for this area which is well recognized as THE most challenging clients for Psychologists.

Over several years I have facilitated many Mindfulness retreats in Bali for colleagues where I shared my methodology with the attendees and I have had enough requests to share that I have decided to do just that and I am offering 2 pathways.

My methodology has evolved from several masters in this area – John and Julie Gottman, Dan Wiles, Sue Johnson, Terry Real and Esther Perel in the main. From their wonderful work I have created a methodology which works for me – I call it “Relating Intentionally”.

It’s a calming, awakening process for couples which de-escalates most of the challenging moments in your office whether it be with high-conflict blaming Couples, controlling-alienated couples, distracted disconnected couples or those who avoid /deny conflict. My methodology is based on Intentionality and focusses on bringing couples to rewarding outcomes where they learn to release disconnecting, blaming, hostile behaviour and replace it with safe, reliable, warmth and affection….and they learn how to sustain this closeness no matter what. It’s a sequential program laid out for you which makes your part much easier.


If you choose a 30 CPD point Getaway – there I teach you an expanded learning across 5 x 2 hour sessions – 10 hours (single day workshops are only 7 hours). You cover a more detailed version of the course I teach on a day workshop. I will take you through my 5 step program….showing you how and when you can apply it and how to alleviate much of the distress or angst in your office. I am there with you for 6 days – you have access to ask me anything at all.

In addition you have the opportunity to do your 10 Peer Review points with a co-attendee. These can be done while touring around the city and surrounds, or unwinding relaxing by the pool, or over delicious food and refreshing walks. Barbara Saba has joined me in facilitating many similar getaways on mindfulness topics and we found participants really enjoyed pairing or teaming up in small groups, and taking tours while they discussed cases for Peer Review. If you are courageously working with Couples or they come into your other family and children’s work then the Learnings here and the adventures are not to be missed! You can register here


  • These workshops will give you the confidence to do this work with couples.
  • You will also gain new insights into how to engage couples to commit to the work with you, so it’s not just hanging from session to session.
  • You will learn how to dispel conflict and neutralize session-defeating behaviours presented by couples and use these to step them forward to co-operation.
  • You will learn how to re-frame your process to safely bring conflict avoidant partners into difficult solution focussed conversations.
  • You will learn how to create emotional balance and security in your couples sessions.
  • And your couples clients will want to come back to your sessions – because you make so much sense to them, they feel heard and relieved. Find out more – call me 0412 507 568