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Overcome Obstacles with Marriage Counselling in Perth

Whether your relationship obstacles are small or large, marriage counselling in Perth can provide you with a different perspective and the support you require to work through difficult situations. I have extensive experience in helping couples to identify problematic behaviours and find sustainable, long-lasting solutions.

Benefits of Couples Counselling in Perth South of River

Consider the benefits of couples therapy in Perth, such as the freedom to speak openly and honestly without judgement.

  • It can help to clarify your feelings about your relationship: If you feel confused or uncertain about your relationship, having a regular and set time each week for you and your partner to talk about your thoughts and feelings can help you to understand each other and in which direction you want your relationship to move. A therapist can guide you through this process and bring an objective perspective to the table.
  • It can help you resolve issues: Couples who struggle to address and resolve issues can benefit from counselling as it gives you a time and place to tackle topics in a confidential setting. This therapy can help to grow your relationship rather than leaving issues unresolved and weakening your marriage. Instead, you can learn techniques and strategies to communicate better with your partner.
  • It can deepen intimacy and connection: You can get your relationship back on track and open the communication channels with couples therapy. Whether you want to learn how to talk about deeper concerns with your partner or feel like you are missing the spark that you once had when you were first dating, I can support you in rediscovering your passion as a couple and give your relationship the attention it deserves.

Couples therapy can also promote self-awareness and personal growth, which can transform other areas of your life.

Signs You Should Invest in Relationship Counselling In Perth

There are some common reasons that couples in Perth may seek marriage counselling.

  • You disagree about money: Different spending styles or disagreements about ways to save money for the future can evoke feelings of anxiety, envy, anger, and more, which can put stress on a relationship. Therapy can help you understand how your views on money and past experiences shape your thoughts about yourself and others.
  • Someone has been unfaithful: When a partner is unfaithful, it results in a breach of trust that can be difficult to repair without professional support and guidance. Being unfaithful doesn’t always mean physical infidelity, as emotional betrayal can be just as damaging to a relationship. The definition of fidelity can mean various things to different people, and couples counselling can help you work through these conflicts, betrayal and breach of trust. Counselling can also help if you are tempted to have an affair, yet you want to save your relationship rather than deal with the outcome later.
  • You have unproductive and hurtful arguments: Everyone handles conflict in different ways, and while some people thrive on arguments, others prefer to leave a heated conversation. Rather than being led by hurt feelings, couples therapy can teach you how to diffuse a disagreement in a healthy way.

Other signs that you may benefit from counselling include feeling like your love life is lacking, you’re going through a big transition, you’re growing apart, or any other situation where you want third-party support.

Why Trust Dee Tozer Regarding Couples Counselling Fremantle?

I am a long qualified psychologist with extensive experience in couples and relationship counselling over three decades. You can learn useful and sustainable strategies, techniques and skills that can help you break the cycle of resentment, remove threats of breaking up, dissolve the pain of feeling unloved, express your concerns in a healthy manner, and more. I create a safe, warm and friendly space where you and your partner can share your concerns without judgement. Contact me today to book a free consultation.